Who has to stop driving?

Who has to stop driving? by Lewis Lehe


4 thoughts on “Who has to stop driving?

  1. Kasia McMahonKasia

    I think this video does a good job of taking away some of the judgmental rhetoric that often dominates discussions about using a car for transportation. The need for efficient transportation is not selfish–its what allows our civilization to exist.

    But I am concerned that quantifying trips with a system like the one in the video may lead to a future where only the very wealthy will be able to drive because the financial pressure to discourage people making “unnecessary” trips just becomes a luxury for those that can afford it.

    1. Matt SteeleMatt Steele

      Would that be the worst thing? That would also be a society where few needed to drive out of necessity. Sounds better than our current system which forces most people into cars, hurting everyone (especially the large chunk of society who really cannot afford to be car dependent).

  2. BB

    This is how I feel when driving my bicycle.

    I could go to the store for food. But I think I will just eat the disgusting food I have.

    I could go to work and get some exercise. But I think I will work form home.

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