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The Trolley Problem still

The Trolley Problem (video)

A neat, short, animated video explaining the trolley problem in the context of autonomous vehicles and military drones. A thought experiment in ethics. Vid for TED Ed → → DIRECTED BY Eoin Duffy WRITER Eleanor Nelsen AUDIO David Kamp – ANIMATION: Eoin Duffy Tyler Morgan Super Dasil Mahesh Hovsepyan Karen Cooper Custom […]

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A Cure for Fear of Parking Loss

This week the American Psychiatric Association (APA) announced it was adding “Fear of Parking Loss” to its official “Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders”. Fear of Parking Loss (FPL) is characterized by a belief that having free, on-street parking next to the front door of your destination is essential for human survival and a […]

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Is Tesla Autopilot Safe?

There’s been a lot of news (and misinformation) over the past few days about Tesla Autopilot (AP). Primarily about the NHTSA opening a Preliminary Evaluation of AP performance in relation to a crash on May 7 in Florida that resulted in a man losing his life. More recently there was a crash in Pennsylvania with […]

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Econ 101: Why I’ll Never Buy A Gas Car Again

Unless really necessary I wouldn’t buy a new gas-only car—one with an internal combustion engine, or ICE. I’d either purchase something with a plug or wait until there was a plug-in option for what I want. This isn’t a green decision, but a financial one based on operating costs and resale value. A plug-in electric […]

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Gas Stations: Not Long For This World?

In my post about some redevelopment in Shoreview I mentioned the likely closing of the Hill Blacksmith shop in the coming years. Some took exception, saying that they didn’t think it very likely, especially since it was built only recently in 1883. We’ve used horses for centuries and they’ve served us well. I do think […]

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