TCF Bank to Leave Minneapolis for Sad Warehouse

TCF Bank announced last week that it would be moving its 1,150 Downtown Minneapolis corporate employees from Marquette and 8th Street to a Plymouth (Minnesota) office park sometime late next year. Which raises an important question: What’s that like? I decided to head out on my first bike ride of 2014 to see for myself.

On a dreary Saturday afternoon, I pedaled out of Minneapolis along Glenwood Avenue, through Golden Valley, across Highway 55, to the Luce Line trail, past Medicine Lake, under Highway 55, and I found myself at 1405 Xenium Lane, the Plymouth Corporate Center.

The Plymouth Corporate Center has a website which has a “The Neighborhood” section which has an “Entertainment” section, and that includes three separate listings:

  • Image Frame Studio
  • Art Direct Inc

It also has an “Emergency Procedures” section which specifically mentions what to do if a disgruntled employee becomes “unruly, or possibly violent, upon termination.” Maybe that’s not a weird thing to list on a building’s leasing website, but it seems weird to me.

Anyway, enough about the website. Here’s the building:

Curvature of the Earth

This isn’t worse than the Hennepin/Lyndale bottleneck

Pretty standard stuff as far as suburban office parks go. Extremely low-slung. I’m surprised they’re able to fit that many people in the building (the total number of relocated employees is about 1,500, including some from other offices) but cubes are small. Not a lot of corner offices–at best, four. Here’s an aerial view, taken from the Moon with a cell phone camera:


Vilett Textiles included for reference

Here are some other local highlights:

Freight rail adjacent for commuting hobos

Easy freight rail access for employees who are also freight cars

This may be a bus stop? Transit maps are agnostic on the issue. +1 for trash can in the shelter

This may be a bus stop? Transit maps are agnostic on the issue. +1 for trash can in the shelter

A newsstand--who says print is dead?

A newsstand

A local convenience store

A local convenience store

County Road 6: The Nicollet Mall of Plymouth

County Road 6: The Nicollet Mall of Plymouth

Daycare conveniently located across County Road 6

Daycare conveniently located across County Road 6

Lunch options abound

Lunch options abound

Now, all of this is in good fun, and the pre-Spring look with no snow and no green makes every city look terrible. I always try to keep in mind that there is a much larger world outside of the one I live in with my friends, where it’s not acceptable to take transit from Downtown Minneapolis to Selby & Dale when it takes an hour or longer on a weekday. We’ve definitely set up our own consensus about trends and lifestyles and the young people. One data point doesn’t reverse a trend, obviously. But it’s a good reminder of where and how the majority of Minnesotans and Americans live. I certainly got those looks while biking around the Home Depot parking lot. My gut feeling is that most people prefer free parking over food trucks.

Also, as an aside, it’s not uninteresting to point out that TCF’s executives work in a quaint-ish building on the west side of Wayzata’s lil’ downtown. The Business Journal reports that those employees will also be moving to Plymouth–except the CEO, who gets to stay in Wayzata.

I generally feel like “share your comments below” is a ploy for traffic, but in this case I’m genuinely curious what TCF employees think of this move. Does free parking trump all? Is this closer to where you already live? Is this an improvement? Or for other suburban office park dwellers, what do you think? Do you prefer this over working in one of the downtowns? Comments are reasonably anonymous.

Disclaimer: The author had TCF checking and savings accounts in college. He only overdrafted once; he is irresponsible.

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