Greg Cochrane rode his 6-mile commute through the snow in St. Paul to the University of Minnesota on Friday, April 4, 2014: a week and a half ago. Jeffrey Thompson / MPR News

Are Streets Too Inviting to Cars? | MPR’s Bill Lindeke appears on MPR’s Midmorning discussing (audio at link): Are streets too inviting to cars?

It’s been only weeks since the streets of the Twin Cities were buried in hard-packed snow, with parking limited to one side and intersections made hazardous by icy surfaces and obstructed sight lines.

Now, with the streets mostly free of snow even in Duluth, we can revert to our spring and summer hazards: potholes deep enough to deploy our airbags and car doors swinging open in the path of our bicycles.

Some urban experts think it’s time to reconsider the way we use our streets. As they exist today in most U.S. cities, the roads are primarily — if not solely — for cars. Is it time to rethink that? Might we, for example, want to limit parking to one side year-round?