Chart of the Day: Potential Saint Paul LRT Connections circa 1978

stp 1978 LRT route map


Yeah I know it’s a map, but it’s a really interesting one. It’s from 1978. A friend who works for the City of Saint Paul found it in an old file.

It’s from 1978. That’s 36 years ago. 

5 thoughts on “Chart of the Day: Potential Saint Paul LRT Connections circa 1978

  1. Jeff Z

    Looks like they took the same planning route DT with LRT as they did for bikes back then. None

  2. Mike Hicks

    We’re so innovative. Well, there are corridors it doesn’t have — Red Rock, Rush Line, Robert Street, and the potential streetcar routes.

    I really need to work on more articles on East Metro routes.

  3. Matt SteeleMatt Steele

    I’d love to see Riverview, and Gateway to 3M. No need to go past 3M in a first phase. This map loops good. Let’s build it, 40 years later.

    1. CL

      I agree Matt. With the possibility of aquiring the spur to Ford Plant site. I mean doesn’t it make sense to use an existing right of way to connect Downtown to the airport. And also turbo charge the largest redevelopment site in the city. Maybe I’m missing something, because it seems obvious. The Shepard corridor has pockets of density, and large area’s that could handle more. And I also agee that we should re-think Gateway and get LRT to 3M/Sunray first, although running LRT through the Eastside creating Right of way that isn’t there now would be more challenging that Riverview. Nice post Bill, amazing how similar the then/now plans are.

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