A Robbinsdale Book Signing With Pete Richie



Meet the Author!
Where: Barnes and Noble at Calhoun Village Shopping Center
When: July 19, 2014 from 5-7 p.m.


The newest addition to Arcadia Publishing’s library is Robbinsdale by local author Pete Richie. The pictorial history book, set to release July 7, 2014, uses black and white photographs to showcase Robbinsdale’s compelling history. You can pre-order on bn.com or get a peek inside the book on amazon.com.

While serving in the state legislature, Andrew B. Robbins visited the lakes, woods and rolling hills just north of Minneapolis. Inspired by the landscape and potential for development, he purchased 90 acres and created the Robbinsdale Park Subdivision in 1887. The Robbins worked tirelessly to bring schools, industry and a streetcar line to the area. In 1893 Robbinsdale incorporated as a village bearing his name.


Good Old Robbinsdale in 1927

Good Old Robbinsdale in 1927


Images of America: Robbinsdale provides readers with a complete history of what started out as a lake-side village. It includes several photos of the Robbins’s 16-room estate and other notable houses. This book includes rare images from this early suburb and captures memorable days of dancing, boating and entertaining.

Highlights of Robbinsdale include:

Early photos of fishing and boating on Robbinsdale’s sparkling Lakes
Nostalgic images of the city’s beautiful old movie theaters
Captain Billy and Robbinsdale’s Whiz Bang legacy.
Bars and streetcars on West Broadway