Map of the Day: Minnesota June Rainfall Relative to Mean



This map shows how far above “average” our rainfall this month has been for different parts of the state. (Note: this doesn’t include this weekend’s storms.)

Point being, we have had a lot of rain!

[From Kenny Blumenfeld’s weather blog.]

3 thoughts on “Map of the Day: Minnesota June Rainfall Relative to Mean

  1. Alex

    As our climate continues to get wetter, and summer floods like these become more common, local agencies will need to learn to adapt their winter emergency information-dissemination practices for them. As of this morning, neither the City nor the Park Board has any current information about the rather extensive bikeway closures. Both of them posted “news” items about street closures on the 19th, which the City seems to have at least updated, but of course these items are now buried. Both agencies had only a token mention that bikeways and walkways adjacent to closed roads are likely also unusable – this autocentrism isn’t the attitude that an agency actually dedicated to a more balanced modal split would have.

    1. Matt Brillhart

      The closure of the bike path that passes under Lake Street (next to the Lagoon connecting Calhoun & Isles) is causing some interesting cyclist movements in that very busy area. Potentially lots of novice cyclists interacting with cars at very busy intersections that have no accomodations for cyclists whatsoever (i.e. Lake/Lagoon & East Calhoun Pkwy). Even something as simple as big orange temporary “Share the Road” signs would help. Posting an official detour route for cyclists would be even better.

  2. BB

    Last week I was hiking @ 10,000 and was hiking on snowbanks in a lot spots.
    And just two weeks ago we got rid of the snow on the Front range facing MTs of the Wasatch.

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