Podcast #68 – The Art and Science of Crosswalks with Toole Design Group

crosswalk creep

I’ve always wanted to do this.

The podcast this week is a conversation all about crosswalks, with three folks who work at Toole Design Group, a leading planning and engineering firm. I reached out to a few friends at Toole after a fascinating conversation with one of their engineers all about signal timing.

Three of Toole’s engineers and architects, Hannah Pritchard, Eric Mongelli, and Cindy Zerger, were kind enough to devote some time and a conference room at their office in Minneapolis’ North Loop neighborhood. We had about an hour-long conversation where I asked them everything I could think of about the art and science of crosswalks. Trust me, crosswalks might seem like a simple topic, but once you get into the weeds, there’s a whole world of interesting design details waiting for you.

Link to the audio is here!