Traffic Simulations: Green Lights for the Green Line

Local inventor Nick Musachio has patented a concept called “Always Green Traffic Control”. I have mentioned it before. The short version is that traffic signals are fixed timed. The cars (and in the case of the Green Line: trains) are made aware of the speed needed to travel at to catch the green (through a variable message sign). Some cars (and the trains) comply with recommendations, as do all the cars following them, and a large platoon of vehicles can make the green. This increases the efficiency of the signal all around.

He argues this can be used for trains. Some interesting simulations of this have been posted to YouTube this week:



More simulations can be seen on his YouTube page.

2 thoughts on “Traffic Simulations: Green Lights for the Green Line

  1. Nick Musachio

    Glad you pointed that out. I applaud Audi for trying. I considered a dashboard system similar to Audi’s but rejected it. It does no good if only a few people, such as new model Audi drivers, know how fast to drive. It probably will only make traffic more chaotic. Unless 100% of the drivers are informed, the system won’t work.

    By using roadside displays, Always Green Traffic Control informs 100% of the drivers, including bicyclists, how fast or slow to go to make the next light. Also AGTC doesn’t require in-dash, subscription based equipment. The average care on the road is 11 years old. Are you going to try to make a college student with a 1992 Buick install some add on electronics and pay a monthly fee to make green lights? Good luck.

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