Sunday Summary – August 31, 2014

sunday-summary-logoIt’s the end of summer on, but not too late to squeeze a little more fun out of it before it’s time for school on Tuesday.

State Fair:  The Great Minnesota Get Together ends tomorrow, so readers still have time to see Eco Experience exhibits, argue with representatives, talk to political candidates about transportation and land use issues, and experience a Transportation Nerd’s State FairForget about Biking to the State Fair, however, and take transit instead.

Green Line: Most posts about the Green Line have focused on the train, signal timing and the riding experience and Traffic Simulations: Green Lights for the Green line continues this thread.  This week, we also get off the train for Touring Green Line Green Infrastructure, a report on a field trip by multidisciplinary artists and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) professionals to look at stormwater management along the Green Line (we saw The Other Green Line a few weeks ago).

Copenhagen and euro-cycling:  Copenhagen’s Cycling Craze continues the EU BICI series in one of the world’s cycling capitals.  Meanwhile, the focus on Dutch design continues with Cycleway Fundamentals: Safety, Momentum, Comfort.

Diversity, difference, privilege on the streets and  “I Am Not Your Brother” – St. Paul Cops Allegedly Taser and Arrest Black Male for Sitting in Public Space (Video) is a disturbing video which stimulated many comments about police actions and the use of public space.  While difficult to move from the visual and visceral video about one instance of the systemic discrimination on our streets, two posts this week take different approaches to foster greater inclusiveness and wider audiences. Expanding Diversity (Part II) continues the conversation begun in June about reaching different audiences through this blog and Better Block, PARKing Day and Cities for People announces events on September 20 intended to highlight grassroots improvements to make streets and cities more inviting and livable.

Round-up: Northfield Wins the Silver Medal highlights Northfield’s recent ranking and why it’s important.  A New Meadowbrook Regional Park imagines a new metro-area park in the inner ring suburbs of Hopkins, St. Louis Park and Edina with strong connections to the future light rail transit (LRT) corridor.  And, as always, the Charts of the Day this week: Driving Safety in Different States, Police In-City Residency by Race, Minneapolis City Budget and Change in Road Fatalities in Different Countries.

I’m hoping more kids will be biking and walking to school this year while their parents and friends (and the kids themselves) keep advocating for better streets on which to do so.  Have a great week!

Betsey Buckheit

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