Friday Photo: Our Attention Needs Our Attention

This is Navdy. It’s a very cool HUD (Heads Up Display) for our cars. Navdy makes texting and using our phone while we’re driving easier than ever. Imagine, now we can text or video conference with our girlfriend instead of paying attention to that boring road we’re on.

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Will Navdy be the death of any pedestrians and bicycle riders? In the real world there will be other cars on this road. And people riding bicycles. And people walking. And cars cutting us off. Will we see that? Or will we be focused on the latest sext from our girlfriend?

Walker Angell

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4 thoughts on “Friday Photo: Our Attention Needs Our Attention

  1. Sean Hayford OlearySean Hayford Oleary

    Or, will it save bicyclists and pedestrians for someone who would otherwise be staring at their phone? (Looking down at the passenger seat, so as not to conspicuously hold it in the air that a cop might see.)

    Obviously it’s not very safe. But it’s definitely less unsafe than the alternative texting and driving.

    1. Walker AngellWalker Angell Post author

      Agree. Or we can find a way to get people to pay attention to their driving when they’re driving. I’m generally cautious about heavy handed punishment for crashes because I think that in some the apparently offending driver is innocent of any wrongdoing, however, if a driver is shown to have been using their phone in the minute prior to a crash I don’t think I’d have any problems with quite heavy punishment.

      On the other hand, how many people who currently don’t text or use their phone while driving will begin doing so with a HUD because they think that now it’s safe? How many who rarely text will do so more routinely with a HUD? Will HUDs make it easier for people to get engrossed in a text stream?

      On top of all of this is the simple statement it makes of tacit approval by society of people texting while driving.

  2. BB

    Navdy makes texting and using our phone while we’re driving easier than ever

    Nothing new here rather than focus on driving safely. We focus on making everyone else safely in the dangerous environment.

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