No Need for Vandalism on the Greenway & Kenilworth

The Southwest Light Rail debate has been heated. Suffice it to say, there is no shortage of opinion. The debate on was mostly polite. This was either a victory for civility or Minnesotans being Minnesotans.

The best way to understand the complicated debate would be to read Nick Magrino’s “A Southwest Light Rail Explainer” and Jeremy Mendelson’s “Southwest Light Rail: What Are We Trying to Accomplish?” or Bill Lindeke’s “What Southwest Light Rail Conversations Get Wrong. also ran “pro and con” stories back-to-back by Alex Cecchini and Kasia McMahon. I recommend reading both.

Things changed, but not really, this week with the spray-painting of both the Greenway and Kenilworth trails. While paint color differs, the hand-writing is the same (notice the similar “K”), which leads me to believe that this is merely one upset neighbor (and not the doing of any group).

To you angry neighbor, I must applaud. No better way to preserve a beautiful trail than to cover it with poor penmanship.