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Blaisdell Bike Lane Closed Ahead Sign

Minneapolis Should Open the Protected Bike Lanes on Blaisdell Avenue

Cyclists and pedestrians: Email Minneapolis City Councilmembers and the staff associated with the Blaisdell protected bike lanes. Urge them to keep you safe on our streets year-round and to hold staff accountable to following the city’s Complete Streets policy.

Highway News Roundup, Fall 2021

E-ZPass Electronic Toll Interoperability is Now Here As I’ve written about several times before, there was a 2012 federal mandate to have electronic toll collection be interoperable nationwide by 2016. In practical terms this would mean you’d be able to use your same toll transponder to pay tolls nationwide. That deadline came and went without […]

Station improvements for a BRT station.

Why Don’t They Just Build a Train?

I recently read Sam Penders’ detailed piece about Metro Transit’s E Line Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) and discussed it with a friend. Instead of getting into the details with me, they asked “Why don’t they just build a train?” I was surprised at first but worked my way through their questions as best I could to explain what BRT even is.

How to Build Great E Line Stations

Metro Transit is upgrading the busy Route 6 bus corridor to an arterial bus rapid transit (BRT) line, named the E Line, with an opening date of 2025. This corridor runs from Southdale in Edina, through Uptown, Downtown Minneapolis, and the University of Minnesota, before terminating at the border of Saint Paul. BRT provides higher-quality […]

light rail train on winter street, Josh Hild

Make Your Voice Heard About How Met Council Disburses ~$200 Million in Federal Gas-Tax Funds!

Did you know? Did you know that the Metropolitan Council is our region’s federally designated “Metropolitan Planning Commission,” or MPO? Among its duties as the MPO, every two years, the Met Council puts out a “Regional Solicitation,” the first step in a competitive grant process that determines how investments of federal transportation funds (i.e. sweet […]

Report: The Dakota County River-to-River Greenway is Complete

You can now ride across Dakota County between Lilydale and South St. Paul on trails the whole way – about eight miles. I just rode the newly widened and paved stretch through the woods in Garlough Park and Marthaler Park which then connects to the NEW TUNNEL UNDER ROBERT STREET. It then winds through the woods behind […]