Podcast #72 – Designing Minneapolis Streets with Jon Wertjes

mpls advisory bike lane 2

An advisory bike lane in South Minneapolis.

The podcast this week is a conversation with Jon Wertjes, the Director of Traffic and Parking Services for the Minneapolis Department of Public Works. A few months ago, Jon and I were joined in City hall by streets.mn writer and planning consultant Sam Newberg and Casper Hill, who works as a communications liaison for the department, and we had a great conversation about all kinds of interesting street design details in Minneapolis.

Our topics included working with the fire department, lane widths, the new NACTO design manual, speed limits, and even the existence of the city’s fabled giant red snow emergency button. Honestly, in all my years studying city planning this was the most candid, open, and helpful conversation I’ve ever heard with city officials, and I am grateful to Jon and the folks at Minneapolis Public Works for sitting down with Sam and I. I think you’ll enjoy the conversation.

Link to the audio is here.