Podcast #74 – Explaining the Transportation Equity Formula with Russ Stark

russ starkThe podcast this week is a conversation with Russ Stark, the City Council member for Saint Paul’s Fourth Ward, which covers the Northwest stretch of the city from Hamline-Midway to St. Anthony Park.

In addition to being on the city council, Russ Stark represents Saint Paul on the Met Council Transportation Advisory Board (TAB), a rather complex committee composed of elected officials, engineers, and appointees that makes recommendations on federal funding applications in the Twin Cities. Stark was one of the key voices pushing for a change to TAB decision making processes this summer, changes focused on using transportation funding to help balance inequality around race and class. We sat down during last month’s Railvolution conference in downtown Minneapolis to talk about the funding formula, the TAB, and the debate around transportation funding in the Twin Cities.

The link to the audio is here! I hope you enjoy the conversation.

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