Chart of the Day: Biking (Ethnicity) in Memphis

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An interesting chart from the Strong Towns blog showing biking rates in Memphis, Tennessee classified by ethnicity.

bike commuting race

Race and bicycling is an interesting topic of conversation that happens too rarely, and brings into focus all kinds of often hidden assumptions about transportation, equity, geography, visibility, and feelings of security.

3 thoughts on “Chart of the Day: Biking (Ethnicity) in Memphis

  1. Janne

    This is actually rather amazing — not quite equitable ridership by race, but SOOO close! Do you know of similar charts for any other cities (i.e. in Minnesota)? My instinct says we can’t match this, but maybe my stereotypes and SW Mpls address are fooling me.

  2. Rebecca AirmetRebecca Airmet

    I think this chart has a lot to do with biking by choice versus biking by necessity. I’m very interested in figuring out how to do a similar bike count for Minneapolis and Saint Paul.

    And based on recent anecdotal evidence, my stereotypes and address are definitely fooling me.

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