6 Outrageously Named New Minneapolis Luxury Apartment Buildings

Did you spend a lot money in exchange for “marketing” credential$? If not, check out this crazy list of outrageously named new Minneapolis apartment buildings!

1.) Red 20


…this project in Northeast is cleverly named after the dye used to color Totino’s pizza boxes, as the project involved the demolition of the original Totino’s restaurant. It has a non-confusing URL: red20ne.com.

Red 202.) ElseWarehouse


..this onetime North Loop warehouse was recently converted to trendy apartments. It was named “ElseWarehouse” as a verbal homage to the works of M.C. Escher. Does it make you question the point of everything? Mission accomplished.


3.) Latitude 45


This project, still under construction on Washington Avenue in Downtown Minneapolis, fills what was a glaring parking crater, and is also not located on the 45th Parallel.

Latitude 45

45th Parallel

4.) Be


…short for Be @ the Calhoun Greenway, this project combines the reliable inoffensiveness of a verb clearly picked by a sleepy focus group with the trendiness of an @ sign, a top five 2010s punctuation mark. If you spell out the @, it’s “Beat the Calhoun Greenway,” probably by living in a part of the city it’s embarrassingly hard to live in without a car.


5.) The Marshall


…this student apartment building was named in the tradition of the suburban subdivision–after the thing it destroyed. Estates at Arbor Meadows, meet The Marshall, 1.5 blocks of groundbreakingly ugly building built on top of what was Marshall High School. Hope this works out for everyone.


6.) Radius at 15th


…this student apartment complex is named Radius. In geometry, the radius is the line from the center of a circle to its perimeter. This project, Radius, is rectangular and located on a square block. In fact, right angles abound. Radius.


Nick Magrino

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