The 5 Hottest Celebrity Undeveloped Parcels Under 30

[This post is adapted from a recent (very well written) article over at Minnpost; no offense is intended.]

There’s nothing hotter than an undeveloped parcel. Which Twin Cities undeveloped parcels are the hottest? Find out with our latest rankings.

[On With the Hotness List!]

#6 The site: Superior Plating

The location: the corner of 1st Avenue and University Avenue NE, Minneapolis

This parcel is a Victoria’s Secret model, so it’s expected that it would end up on this list. Just remember, it is a fantasy. No parcel looks like this in real life.

Superior Plating, NE Minneapolis

MinnPost photo by Peter Callaghan


#5 The site: Nicollet Hotel

The location: across South 3rd Street from the Central Library, downtown Minneapolis

Is it because it’s single again? The Nicollet Hotel is a little high maintenance.


MinnPost photo by Peter Callaghan


#4 The site: Lake Street, just north of Lake Calhoun

The location: 2622 Lake Street W., Uptown Minneapolis

We get that the Lake Street parcel is considered sexy and likes to take hot photos of itself, but it left Ryan Reynolds heartbroken.


MinnPost photo by Peter Callaghan


#3 The site: Twin Cities Army Ammunition Plant (TCAAP)

The location: east of I-35, north of County Hwy. 96, Arden Hills

Finally a contender we can get behind! Not only is TCAAP gorgeous, but it never takes itself too seriously.

Twin Cities Army Ammunition Plant

Courtesy of Ramsey County, via Minnpost


#2 The site: Ford Plant

The location: Ford Parkway and South Mississippi River Boulevard, Highland Park, St Paul

We suppose The Ford Plant could be considered hot, but only if you find that conventionally post-industrial type appealing.

Master layout_9-12-07.indd

City of St. Paul, via Minnpost


#1 The site: Central Station

The location: corner of 5th and Minnesota Streets, downtown St. Paul

Do you think it was Central Station’s latest construction that won people over?  It certainly doesn’t hurt that this parcel has famous friends like Jay-Z and Beyonce.


MinnPost photo by Jana Freiband





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