Chart/Map of the Day: Property Values vs. Traffic

Here’s something from occasional writer Scott Shaffer’s blog, showing property values and traffic density in Minneapolis.

property values vs traffic

Dark blue means more cars per day, white means fewer.

Pretty to say the least. Industrial land really jumps off the page, as does parking and freeway-proximate empty space. I think this is a very complicated relationship, and you’d probably have to dive into a lot more detail to make any real sense of it.

3 thoughts on “Chart/Map of the Day: Property Values vs. Traffic

  1. Stuart

    An interesting image. I just wish that an effort had been made to put useful, but non property tax generating land in a different color. This mostly pertains to parks, schools, the university, etc. Those all are dark red, similar to low value industrial land, but no one would argue that they are without value.

    By the way, the source blog has a map of the full city, as well as one that shows St. Paul.

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