Podcast #79: Saint Paul’s Ward 2 with Rebecca Noecker

rebecca skylineThe podcast this week is a conversation with Rebecca Noecker, who is a candidate for city council in Saint Paul’s Ward 2. Rebecca is a former teacher and currently works doing development for an education nonprofit in Minneapolis, as well as serving on the city Planning Commission.

Current council member and former podcast guest Dave Thune is retiring this year, and so there’s an open seat in the area of Saint Paul that includes downtown, West 7th street, and the west side (where I live). We sat down the other day to talk about her campaign, why she’s running, and some of the pressing economic, transportation, and development issues in this important part of Saint Paul.

The audio is here. Thanks for listening!

[Disclaimer: I am volunteering to help out Rebecca’s campaign. Look for interviews with other candidates when the time presents.]


1 thought on “Podcast #79: Saint Paul’s Ward 2 with Rebecca Noecker

  1. Mike SonnMike Sonn

    Great podcast. She sounds like she has on her head on straight and lots of her points were very refreshing to hear from someone running for office.

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