Podcast #80: Amusingly Approaching Public Policy with Tane Danger

tane danger picThe podcast this week is a conversation with Tane Danger, the co-founder of the Theater of Public Policy, which is a highly unique combination of public policy conversations and improve comedy. The Theater of Public Policy, or T2P2 as it’s known, has been around for a few years in the Twin Cities, bringing notable political, institutional, and policy leaders onto a stage at the Bryant Lake Bowl to talk about their work… and then to make fun of it using a highly skilled troupe of improve comedy actors. (Click that link for the T2P2 Podcast, to hear it for yourself.) For example, Danger’s group had streets.mn’s very own David Levinson on stage last year, and (though I missed it) performed what I’ve heard were hilarious skits about transportation debates. After a particularly funny Minnpost article of Danger’s appeared about the new Met Council chair appointment a while ago, I invited Tane over to Zeke’s Unchained Animal on East Lake Street to talk about his group, and how to thread the needle of making otherwise boring policy discussions approachable, interesting and funny.

Link to the audio is here. Thanks for listening.

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