Podcast #81: Inside Ending Homelessness with Randall Cohn


The Harbor Lights shelter in downtown Minneapolis

The podcast this week is a conversation with Randall Cohn, a law student and long-time worker and wonk working on homelessness policy in Minneapolis. We sat down the other day in the back room of Club Jaeger, right in the North Loop near many of the homeless shelters of downtown Minneapolis. We chatted all bout Randall’s experience working in and with shelters around the city, and bout the recent attempts to “end homelessness” in Minneapolis. It’s a fascinating topic, and I think you’ll enjoy the conversation.

The link to the audio is here.

One thought on “Podcast #81: Inside Ending Homelessness with Randall Cohn

  1. Dan Olson

    Thanks for this facinating conversation. It was very informative to get the basic lay of the land regarding the shelter system and hear Randal’s insightful take regarding the catchall problem of “homelessness.”

    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been stopped on the street by a mother with cold hungry kids in tow for directions to get to People Serving People or a desperate looking man trying to find Harborlight.

    I’m thankful we at least have the resources, even as the underlying problems go unaddressed.

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