Chart of the Day: Downtown Saint Paul Parking Supply

Here’s a chart from the initial results of the downtown Saint Paul parking study, which was released to the public this week. It’s the total amount of parking in downtown Saint Paul, on- and off-street spaces.


Short version: there is a lot of parking in downtown Saint Paul. Most of it is in ramps and lots. Our perception of how much parking exists and the reality of how much parking exists are often quite different. There are lots of interesting psychology and economic reasons behind that…

[See the whole .pdf here; page through to the second part of the document:]

I’ll be putting a lot more charts from the study up on the site next week, so stay tuned for more!

Note: this is just the first phase of the study, which is attempting to gather data. The consultants hired for the project (experts in parking planning) are coming back to make recommendations later this month.