Friday Photo: It’s Time to Restore Cedar Avenue

Other people have excavated the history of the area, and made the case convincingly, so this post is simply intended as a minor addendum to bolster and keep this worthwhile dream alive:


Map by forum member eluko.

The stretch of Cedar Ave. between 24th st. and Franklin Ave. is the most garbage-strewn place I have ever seen. Most common are shards of silvery plastic and other car parts,



though the trash ranges from downed light-posts that stay for months–


–to the odd crushed bike helmet–


–to a piece of light-rail upholstery–


–lying there like a scrap of transit carcass in an automotive hyena den.  I bring this up not simply to gripe about it, but because I think a) the composition of garbage in this area is forensic proof that it’s unpleasant and hostile and b) people vote with their garbage, and this is a landslide victory for “it sucks.”

It can’t be overstated how much closer Phillips would feel to Cedar-Riverside without this physical and psychological barrier. An unbroken linear corridor of actual/potential buildings connecting the two neighborhoods would go a long way toward correcting the mistakes of the past.

9 thoughts on “Friday Photo: It’s Time to Restore Cedar Avenue

  1. Janne

    Not to mention, it would solve the challenges of one of the very most dangerous intersections for people riding bikes.

    1. Rosa

      I spend way too much mental energy almost every day deciding if i feel like risking that stupid underpass.

  2. Rik Z.

    I agree. Also, I keep seeing signs around the Cedar Box company (S of Franklin between Hiawatha and Cedar) saying there are four buildings for sale. That property could be a good catalyst for change in that area next to Cedar.

  3. ryan0290

    While we’re in a restoration mood, why not reconnect cedar to the east bank and restore the 7 corners. Holiday inn be damned.

  4. Aaron IsaacsAaron Isaacs

    A little history lesson here–Cedar used to go through. Its intersection with Franklin was bisected diagonally by the Milwaukee Road railroad tracks, where the light rail is today. It was train and traffic chaos, which is why they rerouted Cedar. Return Cedar to its original alignment and you get something even worse, because now there’s an LRT station bisecting the intersection.

    1. Rosa

      There has to be a better solution than what we have, though. It’s only a few blocks that are really terrible and a big part of that is lack of visibility for cars exiting or entering the highway just north of Franklin, and the way the 24th Street Pedestrian Bridge entrance on the East side is unsigned and requires weird unsafe crossings for pedestrians and cyclists going across Cedar and the nearby highway entrances.

    2. Nathanael

      Elevate the light rail station over the intersection (or sink it under the intersection). Expensive, but everything about reconfiguring this would be expensive.

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