Map Monday: Working vs. Creative Class Chicago

This is from a study mentioned in Business Insider about the disappearance of working-class neighborhoods in US cities.

Here’s the description…

American cities today experience distinct class divisions. The “creative class” (tech, law, arts, healthcare, professional jobs) occupies the most economically functional and desirable locations, many of which used to be working-class neighborhoods. The “service class” (lower wage, lower skill jobs like food preparation and retail) live in areas surrounding the creative class. The “blue-collar working class” (factory, manufacturing jobs) has been decimated, and what remains has been relegated to the least desirable places in cities.

[Purple = creative class; blue = working class.]

chicago working class map


I’m not that sold on this categorization schema, as I find the ‘creative class’ narrative a bit too broad for my taste, but these maps of different cities are pretty interesting. I’d love to see a similar map of some Minnesota cities.