Chart of the Day: Street Lighting and Safety Perception

This chart’s methodology might not be that great, but it’s studying the oft-overlooked topic of street lighting. Check it out:

umn lighting chart

The chart is from the Minnesota Daily, where issues around public safety have been on the radar following a few crime incidents. Here’s what Elizabeth Smith, the Daily writer, has to say:

An estimate in July 2014 from the city’s public works department   showed that adding lighting in Southeast Como alone, would cost about $2 million, said SECIA’s director Ricardo McCurley.

The proposal would charge homeowners an average property tax increase of  $4,000 over 20 years, which is slightly more than $16 a month per area property.

Nearly 70 percent of students who took the MSA survey said they would be willing to pay at least five dollars more a month for increased lighting.


Start seeing lighting.

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