Final 2015 bracket

streets.m(ad)n(ess) Postgame Show

Welcome back to the streets.m(ad)n(ess) Postgame Show presented by Microsoft Excel–that’s Microsoft Excel: You Can Use It To Make Charts. I’m Nick, and this is my co-host Jim, and we were just doing a bit of wrap up and reflection about this, our first-ever streets.m(ad)n(ess), where you, the reader, got to vote for your favorite goings on in the world of Twin Cities urbanism. 

Yeah Nick, things ultimately ended up pretty predictably in the championship game, with the Green Line besting Thrive MSP 2040 74%-26%. But throughout the tournament, we did have our share of surprises.

We definitely did–one of our 1 seeds, the Holidazzle Market, lost in its first game against 8 seed Social Media Parodies. In general, the potpourri category was all over the place. There were two entertaining 50.3%-49.7% squeakers from Hennepin/Lyndale Bottleneck Rebuild against Nice Ride Expansion and Nextrip at LRT Stations, before it ultimately lost to our overall winner, the Green Line.

What are some lessons you’ve learned, Nick?

Well, in the future we’ll want to have our Selection Committee seed our entries with an eye towards potential match ups in later rounds. We also may want to try to pick shorter entry names, considering the wild havoc wrecked on our poor bracket over the course of several weeks. We’ll also want to tighten up the criteria for eligibility a bit–we had things in the bracket that are planned and things that were completed–hard to measure those things against each other. We will also want to block repeat votes from the same IP address, due to some irregularities experienced in Round 3. Can’t trust anyone these days.

Just tragic. So here are links to all of our games, which were a great deal of fun if you ask me. Over 10,000 words and thousands of votes and many hidden cat pictures and hours of typing!

Great to hear you had fun Jim, I sure did too. If you appreciated streets.m(ad)n(ess) and the rest of the work this awesome site does, please consider joining today. We’ve got stickers, a PO Box, and are mere days from sending things out–the envelopes and stationary are on their way. Many, many thanks to all our excellent readers who voted. Until next year, this is streets.m(ad)n(ess), signing off.

Final 2015 bracket

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