Bicyclopolis: Episode Nine, Inside Bicyclopolis presents Bicyclopolis, a graphic novel by Ken Avidor in serial form. In last week’s episode, The Gates of Bicyclopolis, Sara gave Dan and Archie their first glimpse of the city and a tour of the outer green belts that surround it. In this week’s episode, our travelers get a tour inside the city from their new guide.

If you missed an episode, you can find links to episodes at the archive. For easier reading, click on the pages a couple times to make them bigger.

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Ken Avidor

About Ken Avidor

Ken Avidor is an illustrator, cartoonist and occasional courtroom sketch artist. Ken Avidor is an active urban sketcher and maintains a daily, illustrated journal. Ken is married to urban cartographer and talented sketch artist Roberta Avidor in the Union Depot in Lowertown, Saint Paul. Follow Ken and Roberta's sketching/bicycling adventures on their travel blog.

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    1. Ken AvidorKen Avidor Post author

      The next episode is the last for Bicyclopolis Book One. Book Two is in the works (spoiler alert: it’s way awesome). In between, I have a weekly treat for readers… stay tuned.

    1. Ken AvidorKen Avidor Post author

      Bill, the Velochronitron will play an essential role in the survival of the human species as only a human-powered device can. But first, our hero must safeguard the Velochronitron from the neo-modernist villain Dr. Carlson who has a really evil time-travel scheme.

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