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Ken Avidor

Ken Avidor

Ken Avidor is an illustrator, cartoonist and occasional courtroom sketch artist. Ken Avidor is an active urban sketcher and maintains a daily, illustrated journal. Ken is married to urban cartographer and talented sketch artist Roberta Avidor in the Union Depot in Lowertown, Saint Paul. Follow Ken and Roberta's sketching/bicycling adventures on their travel blog.

Biking the Indianapolis Cultural Trail

My wife, Roberta, and I have been reading about the Indianapolis Cultural Trail since it was completed in 2013.  Last week, we rode Amtrak down to the capital of The Hoosier State to see for ourselves what all the excitement was about. After two days riding and walking the trail, we are happy to report […]

Transportation and the Status Quo in Saint Paul

By now, you have read about the meeting in Saint Paul where an unruly crowd of citizens booed and shouted at public officials and experts about parking meters. Yes, parking meters. I have also been reading comments on social media that express amazement that people can get so worked up about minor changes to transportation […]

Roadkill Bill – Using Cars Wisely

There has been a pause in my headlong rush to finish Book 2 0f Bicyclopolis. I have been drawing an illustrated map and poster for the extremely awesome Saint Paul Classical Music Crawl in Lowertown taking place October 10, 2015. In the meantime, here is another vintage Roadkill Bill comic exploring the effects of cars […]

Roadkill Bill: Part 6 of Vincent Van Gogh in America

Summer’s over which for us means our multi-modal traveling and sketching excursions on Jefferson Lines are over for the year. (well, there may be one more in November). I’ll have more time to finish drawing and inking Book 2 of Bicyclopolis.  For the duration, I will post more colorized Roadkill Bill comics like this final episode in the Van […]

Roadkill Bill: Part 3 of Vincent Van Gogh in America

There was a pause last week in the penciling of the second book of Bicyclopolis as I took the opportunity to sketch the re-enactment of the homecoming of Civil War soldiers to Fort Snelling 150 years ago. Now, we return to the tale of Vincent Van Gogh, cloned from a piece of his ear. In today’s comic, Van Gogh refuses […]