Chart of the Day: Distraction Rates for Hands-Free Tech

We now live in the age of automobile gadgetry, with new cars just brimming with tech. Also, more and more people use their smart phones while driving, which is very dangerous. Studies have even shown that just talking on the phone while driving is very dangerous, even if it is “hands-free”.

Here’s a recent chart showing different rates of “distraction” from using different hands-free cell phone or in-car technology from the American Automobile Association (AAA), via Minnpost:

mental distraction technology chart

The point of the article:

“The massive increase in voice-activated technologies in cars and phones represents a growing safety problem for drivers,” said Marshall Downy, the president and CEO of AAA, in the released statement.

“Given that the impairing effects of distraction may last much longer than people realize, AAA advises consumers to use caution when interacting with these technologies while behind the wheel,” he added.

In conclusion, here’s a 5:00 Chevy commercial involving cell phones, a wood chipper, and in-car wi-fi that “connects up to seven devices.”

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