Last-Minute Christmas Gifts For Your Favorite Urbanist

Need a final item for the urbanist you love? Here are some quickies.

A City Bike


My wife and I have a lot of bikes, from speedy road and track bikes to mountain and hybrid. Our Workcycles Opafiets (mine above) and Gr8 (Jan’s) are overwhelming our most ridden. The bakfiets in the background above would make a quite nice gift as well.

A Hembrow Study Tour


There is no better way to understand good bicycling facilities (and pedestrian and urbanism) than spending a few days actually experiencing it along with David Hembrow on one of his study tours. Since David is from the UK and is not an engineer you get a valuable unbiased view.

A CROW Design Manual for Bicycle Traffic.


This is the definitive and gold standard when it comes to designing facilities for riding bicycles.

David Prochniak Artwork


If you can’t live it you can at least enjoy the view. Amazing three-dimensional scenes made from scrapes he finds all over. These are currently available at Dunn Bros. Coffee in Roseville.

A Trip To Experience Ultimate Urban Success


Paris (above) would rank quite high for many of us. Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Utrecht, or even New York City might be good.

A Good Local Urbanism Dinner


For me there’s nothing like a enjoying a good meal at a nice sidewalk café with my wife, family and friends.

Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah (a couple of weeks late) and Happy New Year!

Walker Angell

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Walker Angell is a writer who focuses mostly on social and cultural comparisons of the U.S. and Europe. He occasionally blogs at, a blog focused on everyday bicycling and local infrastructure for people who don’t have a chamois in their shorts. And on twitter @LocalMileMN