Map Monday: Minneapolis Residential Zoning

Minneapolis has eight zones dedicated to residential uses, R1 through R6, plus R1A and R2B. A full half of those, R1, R1A, R2, and R2B, are dedicated to the preservation of the single family character of neighborhoods by allowing only single family homes or duplexes (1 & 2 Unit Residential). The other four, R3-R6, permit larger (3+ Unit Residential) structures. Two-thirds of the city, by area, is zoned for 1 & 2 Unit Residential, as shown in yellow in the map below.

Minneapolis Zoning by Classifcation

Map by the author. Click for larger version.

Note: While parks are not shown on this map, and are not likely to be developed any time soon, the city of Minneapolis does not have a specific zoning classification for parks.  Therefore parks will be zoned similarly to the surrounding land, usually residential. For example, Powderhorn Park is technically zoned R2B.

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