Map Monday: Teardowns, Additions, New Construction in Saint Louis Park

Back on January 2, 2016, John Reinan in the Star Tribune wrote about how the teardown craze in SW Minneapolis and the city of Edina hasn’t yet crossed over into Saint Louis Park.

The reasons why teardowns in Saint Louis Park haven’t taken off like the neighborhoods right across the city boundary are debatable. In the city council agenda for March 14th, the following map was included on page 7 showing all major additions, demolition and rebuild (teardown), and new construction in the city.Demolition and rebuild, additions, new construction in Saint Louis Park in 2015

For reference to Saint Louis Park’s neighborhood names, refer to this .pdf link.

By comparison to Edina, it is clear the teardown activity (blue dots) really doesn’t compare. But you may be able to make a case that it really is starting to spill over after all. Minikahda Vista isn’t getting the activity that Morningside in Edina is to the south. But I’d argue that southernmost neighborhoods on the map, Brookside and Browndale, neighborhoods that are closest to the Country Club neighborhood of Edina, are starting to see some spill over. Fern Hill and Lake Forest are getting a small bump in teardowns spilling over from proximity to Cedar Lake in Minneapolis.

I’d say the map otherwise does show how little teardowns are happening in Saint Louis Park as a whole.

Personal note: I grew up in Saint Louis Park smack in the center of the clump of blue dots in Brookside.

Eric Anondson

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