Lowry Hill East Rezoning Community Meeting Tomorrow


Some proposed zoning changes.

As has been written about here already, the City of Minneapolis is currently considering changes to the zoning in the northern portion of the Lowry Hill East neighborhood. Council Member Lisa Bender and the Lowry Hill East Neighborhood Association are planning a community meeting about this project for September 7th (tomorrow!) from 6:00 to 7:30pm. This meeting will be an opportunity for homeowners, renters, city staff, business owners, and other interested residents to learn more and discuss the proposal.

Folks should meet at Jefferson Community School at 6pm near Door #2. The meeting will start with a walking tour for 45 minutes to explore areas that would be affected by proposed rezoning. After the walking tour, a question and answer session will be held in the Jefferson lunch room. Dessert and water will be available. We encourage any interested folks to come as we want to have a robust discussion and consider the proposal from many perspectives. You can find the Facebook event here. Bring an umbrella, since it might be rainy.

More information about this project, including a map and list of properties recommended for rezoning and background materials, can be found on the project’s website.

Lindsey Wallace

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