Chart of the Day: Minneapolis Bicycle Mode-Share for 2015, an All-Time High!

Via long-time bike advocate Hokan and the American Community Survey (ACS), here’s the bicycling mode share for the city of Minneapolis. (Mode share is the percentage of people who commute via the different modes, e.g. driving, walking, transit, etc.)

The results are in: 5%!


Not much to say about this except that it’s awesome news! Mode share in the world’s best bicycling cities like Copenhagen exceeds 30%, but in the USA, 5% is relatively excellent. (By contrast, Portland, Oregon is around 7%.)

Thanks to Hokan for the wonderful trendline-laden chart, and you can see the underlying numbers here. The ACS is the most reliable and comprehensive measurements that we have of people’s transportation behavior in the US.

Still, I’d like Minneapolis and Saint Paul to be measuring ourselves against the world leaders. Let’s double this number in five years, shall we?

Bill Lindeke

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