Map Monday: Twin Cities Multi-Family Density

One of’s loyal readers pointed me toward this great map from a recent report at last week’s Met Council meeting. Here’s the map:



Inside the metro urban service area, multifamily density averages 35 units per acre, whereas all housing (all types) averages 6 units per acre. It’s also interesting to see how many multifamily units are built in the suburbs, in general.

I think this reinforces how important the Met Council has been in regulating and setting the tone for land use planning and development patterns in Minnesota, especially around housing.


3 thoughts on “Map Monday: Twin Cities Multi-Family Density

  1. Aaron

    How does this compare to the single family housing density ratio? If I had to pick one defining property of the area outside the urban service area is that it is not urban, and thus has a lower average housing density. Any way to compare municipalities/census tracts just inside/just outside boundary?

    1. Aaron

      Oops, looks like I misunderstood the post. I thought it was comparing density inside the urban boundary versus outside the urban boundary.

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