“Here to There” Podcast Explores Human Impacts of Twin Cities Commuting

Minneapolis-based think/do tank Apparatus has launched a 10 episode podcast series called Here to There that focuses on the ways in which our daily lives and our daily commutes are inextricably linked. Each episode focuses on one human dimension of our transportation system (e.g., accessibility, affordability, sustainability, equity). The first half of each episode is an on-the-go conversation with one Twin Cities resident as they go about their daily commute (by car, by bus, by bike, by foot, and more) as they share their story of how mobility options affect their life. The second half is an in-studio discussion about emerging challenges and opportunities with a local leader in policy, advocacy, technology, or thought.

The first 3 episodes of the podcast are now available. You can stream them here, on iTunes and Stitcher, or directly on the Here to There website. Click on the episode name for a description, additional materials, and interactive content.

Episode 1: HEALTH | bike




Episode 3: CONNECTIVITY | highways

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Leili Fatehi

About Leili Fatehi

Leili Fatehi is Owner/Principal at Apparatus, a Twin Cities public policy and affairs practice focusing on complex issues at the nexus of social, natural, and built systems.