Join December 9 for a Holiday Train Northstar trip!

After the success of the Red Line trip, I started thinking about other trips that could be done to mix with some of the new-ish transit modes that many of us don’t use often.

With Metro Transit running a holiday train on December 9, the timing works out comfortably for us to do a Northstar trip to Big Lake and back!

Watch lovely scenery go by from your seat on the Northstar!


We’ll be meeting at the upper level of the Target Field Northstar station at 11:10 AM. This will ensure plenty of time for people to buy tickets as needed and comfortably board for the 11:30 AM departure (flip to northbound trips.) If one of the suburban stations is more convenient, feel free to join anywhere along the route.

A suburban station to join us at along the Northstar line.


Once we arrive at Big Lake at 12:22 PM, we’ll walk down to Lupulin Brewing for lunch and refreshments, making sure to get back in time for the 2:45 PM departure from Big Lake to St. Paul Union Depot (a special run that Northstar has not done before!)

Could this be your bike on December 9?


Once at Union Depot (arrival at 4:00 PM,) you’re welcome to peruse the European Christmas Market at the Depot at your leisure and make your way home at your own pace.

Our final destination, Union Depot!

We’ll take the opportunity to discuss the pros and cons of the Northstar project. How can it be improved? What was the goal? How successful is the train today, how successful might it be someday?

Hope to see you there on December 9!

Jeb Rach

About Jeb Rach

Born and raised in rural Minnesota, Jeb has been an avid transit geek since he first discovered it trying to save money on parking in the Twin Cities. He now lives in St. Paul and works in Roseville.