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Walking alone in the woods

National Links: Walking Helps Us Think

Bringing you news from around the country and the world, National Links this week features the “weird” desert city that will host the World Cup final and weirder purple streetlights.

The Largest, Hardest-to-Find Park in St. Paul

Hidden behind industrial facilities and a maze of streets, Pig’s Eye Regional Park is St. Paul’s hidden — yet unpolished — gem. The park’s peaceful nature makes a visit more than worthwhile, yet it demands some revitalization and decontamination, efforts which are being pioneered by the Great River Conservancy.

"Holler" is lit up with incandescent lights, while "Gene" and "Marcy's" are illuminated in neon below

How to Go to Milwaukee

Reflections on a short trip to the oldest and most iconic 10-pin alley yield lessons on transit, history, equity and infrastructure.

Clock tower

National Links: The Importance of Time

Protected bike lanes have measurably countered climate change in Colombia, China and elsewhere. And other “National Links” showing the impact of smart, selfless planning around the world.