Chart of the Day: Hamline-Midway vs. Dayton, Ohio vs. Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Here’s yet another chart from Scott Shaffer’s Twitter feed, which is chock full of tasty bits of data visualization. It shows Saint Paul’s Hamline-Midway neighborhood (pop. 12,519) compared to two rather arbitrary endpoints, the city of Dayton, Ohio (pop. 141,749) and the neighborhood of Williamsburg, Brooklyn (pop. 32,926, where I used to live).

Here you go, according to three key metrics:

Shaffer’s point, which he makes on Twitter, is that Hamline-Midway looks a lot more like Dayton than Williamsburg. He writes that “Hamline Midway in St. Paul (which CURA designates as gentrifying) looks more like a declining rust belt town than a hot urban neighborhood.”

The chart and a must-read lengthy essay by Shaffer’s Seward Redesign colleague Renee Spillum expounding the comparison, were made in reaction to the a study released this month by CURA which offers a qualitative analysis of gentrification in the Twin Cities.

It’s a hot button topic, to be sure, and I could spend hours writing about it without making much progress on understanding what to do about urban inequality. (I’ve done this before.) Let’s just say that gentrification is a concept that holds different meanings to different people.

Still, I like the charts! Check out the report along with Spillum’s response on the CURA website.

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