Podcast #110: Cars and Phones and State Transportation Policy with Frank Hornstein

Representative Hornstein points.

The podcast this week is a conversation with State Representative Frank Hornstein, who represents district 61A in south Minneapolis. Frank Hornstein has long been a leader in the Minnesota House on transportation issues, and is currently the ranking minority member of a whole bunch of transportation-related committees. The state legislative session is going on right now in downtown Saint Paul, and we sat down in his office the other day to talk about a whole bunch of topics.

If you’re into the messy world of state politics you’ll find this interesting. We had a great chat, and I hope you enjoy it!

If you have ideas for future guests, please reach out to Bill Lindeke!

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One Response to Podcast #110: Cars and Phones and State Transportation Policy with Frank Hornstein

  1. Joseph Totten
    Joseph Totten March 20, 2018 at 5:26 pm #

    I would still prefer to see a reach style bill, aiming for no cellphone use while driving, period. Even if enforcement is difficult, we can at least codify best practices and work towards enforcement. Look at states with legal marijuana, the instant enforcement measures are still being developed, doesn’t mean it’s legal to drive high.

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