Saturday Music Video: Grounds For Violence

A celebration of our streets during this snowiest April.



Walker Angell

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Walker Angell is a writer who focuses mostly on social and cultural comparisons of the U.S. and Europe. He occasionally blogs at, a blog focused on everyday bicycling and local infrastructure for people who don’t have a chamois in their shorts. And on twitter @LocalMileMN

3 thoughts on “Saturday Music Video: Grounds For Violence

  1. John AbrahamJohn Abraham-Watne

    Wish this was mere satire, but my wife and I almost got run over by an SUV driver at a red light. He didnt appreciate our mortality but did notice us slapping the hood of his car, then politely asked if we wanted to “throw down.” Grounds for violence indeed, but also part of a greater malaise gripping humanity as the planet tries exterminating us for ruining it

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