Sunday Summary – May 13, 2018

Betsey: I hope you are enjoying your vacation.

Readers: I regret to inform you that I will be writing your Sunday summary this week. Let’s get to it:


Bill Lindeke showed us some of what lies beneath Saint Paul with his Map Monday Bonus: Saint Paul’s Sand Rock Tunnel Sewers: it’s a mole person network beneath West 7th.

Heidi Schallberg gave us a map of that time in the 70’s where Saint Paul almost became the Monorail episode of The Simpsons with Map Monday: St. Paul’s Proposed Downtown People Mover.

Nicky Salica got a big conversation started with a critique of the new Park and Portland stripes with Park and Portland Restriping.



Steve Ray put up another DEEP NORTH Podcast and you should give it a listen at: Deep North Podcast – The Upper Harbor Terminal Development: An Overview

Melissa Wenzel gives us an update on the Fish Hatchery trail and also exposes a 80′ deep sink hole, which I believe connects to the mole person network below West 7th in: St. Paul’s Fish Hatchery Trail Closure: An Update

Matt Steele talks about a center transit lane on Hennepin, which they do in South Korea and it totally works, with: A Centering Exercise for Hennepin Avenue



Catherine Malmberg gives us the high notes from a cycling/pedestrian conference in Rochester in: Quick Take: Bike+Walk MN Conference

Frances Stevenson highlights another intersection in need of change: Dangerous Intersection: Hennepin & 4th, 5th, & 6th Streets

Regrettably, Wednesday is also when Minneapolis neighbor Alan Grahn was killed at the intersection of Summit and Snelling in Saint Paul. Everyone in the StreetsMN community shares their condolences with his family. The Saint Paul Bicycle Coalition will be hosting a memorial ride in his memory this coming Wednesday. You can find more info here.



Julie Kosbab reacts to the coverage of Alan’s death and the problematic questions from the media in: Helmets Shouldn’t Be A Question in the Snelling-Summit Bike Fatality

Bill Lindeke explores reasons for transit use decline with the Chart of the Day: Transit Ridership Growth for US Cities 2016-17



Bill Lindeke shows just how much dangerous cars are compared to bicycles with: Chart of the Day: Kinetic Energy of Bicycles versus Cars

Max Hailperin continues walking every dang street in Minneapolis in: Walking All the Streets in Ericsson (Day 3)


That’s the week here at streets.  Big shouts to Betsey for doing this summary every week for us. I also do want to encourage all of’s bike riders to attend the Alan Grahn memorial ride this Wednesday if you’re free. We shouldn’t be dying trying to get home from lunch with our friends.

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