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Tom Basgen

Tom Basgen

Your Friend and Neighbor

A Poem for August 27th, 2020

Weep and know Death, Land of Sky Blue Waters. There will be no butter blocks carved of your daughters. Eighteen hundred siblings are already dead. All else holds its breath so The Thing won’t spread. The places you ate, the places you drank, The places you danced and flirted, The places you studied, and the […]

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Every Map is the Same Map

Have you ever looked at a map of Saint Paul and thought “Haven’t I seen this map before?” I’ve had that thought many times, for example when we’re talking about folks getting hit by cars.   Or when we’re talking about money.   Doesn’t seem to matter if the problem is small. Doesn’t seem to […]

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I Support Saint Paul Tenant Protections

    Sometime in the next few weeks Saint Paul City Council is going to be voting on a Tenant Protections Ordinance. It’s an important ordinance that will shield the majority of our city from the predations of a real estate industry and market that has a long, long record of racism and cruelty in […]

We Read the Star Tribune Comments So You Don’t Have To: St. Paul Police Tie Violence to Light-Rail Line in Grant Request

When controversy happens… when tempers flare… we read the comments, so you don’t have to. Let’s start with the picture of the kitten because this is a mess. The Star Tribune released another article that is sure to raise the blood pressure of many readers. It’s a story about Saint Paul Police seeking money […]

Goodbye Lime Bikes, We Never Cared

Lime isn’t bringing its bikes back to Saint Paul in 2019 and I think that’s fine. And if I died while riding my bike the cops in Saint Paul would be nonplussed. I tried riding a Lime last year. Not the scooter; those were fine, if a little boring. But the green bikes were heavy, […]

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Join us for the Winter Fundraiser

It’s that time of year y’all. Streets is throwing our winter fundraiser and you’re invited. We had a blast last year with The Theater of Public Policy and we’re teaming up again to get you fed, make you laugh, and then ask for your money. (Please support our ongoing operational expenses?) So join us. DECEMBER […]

Pig's Eye Mascot

On Civic Mascots, Civic Pride & the City of St. Paul

(With major input from Andy Singer, Bill Lindeke, and Tom Basgen,but especially Andy.   Last week, St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter announced that St. Paul’s annual July 4 fireworks are a no-go this year. Naturally, the comments – both on Facebook and on the local news sites – are displeased. Accusations are being flung that […]

Abolish Transit Fares

  Abolish Transit Fares. Everyone stands to gain. Transit Riders will enjoy a heavier wallet. A few extra bucks every day to spend as they choose, not as they must. Service on non-rapid routes will speed up because bus drivers will no longer have to act as cashiers and security guards. Drivers, especially suburban commuters, […]

Sunday Summary – May 13, 2018

Betsey: I hope you are enjoying your vacation. Readers: I regret to inform you that I will be writing your Sunday summary this week. Let’s get to it: MONDAY: Bill Lindeke showed us some of what lies beneath Saint Paul with his Map Monday Bonus: Saint Paul’s Sand Rock Tunnel Sewers: it’s a mole person network […]