Sample Bingo Cards

We Read The Comments Special Edition: Comments Bingo Cards!

When controversy happens… when tempers flare… we read the comments, so you don’t have to.

Reading the Comments

Some comments sections cannot be cured with kittens.

Perhaps you are aware we sometimes read comments. The last batch depressed Julie pretty hard, so now she’s writing about herself in the third person as some kind of disassociative act.

But the other day, she had an idea! An awful idea. The Grinch Julie had a wonderful, awful idea. And it’s probably healthier than that vodka bottle above.

Perhaps you have played Bingo? It is a fun game found in senior living, preschools, and at classic resorts! It is a community game, sometimes played for cash or prizes.

Bingo Defeat

The agony of Bingo defeat.

So, today, in the spirit of wonderful, awful ideas, we offer up the We Read The Comments Bingo Cards!

Sample Bingo Cards

Sample Cards

There are 10 total cards, developed in crude but easy-print black and white, using Times New Roman as a font for extra crudeness. Download them! Print them! Play Comments Bingo with your friends! Every card features a “FREELOADERS” space in the center**, and each square represents concepts seen in comments sections for traffic, transit and development articles! Consider prizes as an extra-fun option that won’t land you in the hospital, appropriately curated!***

And wear your helmet while playing, just in case.


** we considered making the center GET OFF MY LAWN or a pic of Joe Soucheray, but the tool we were using wasn’t into graphics and so we didn’t.

*** this means no sharp objects or vodka shots any time you cover a square. The kid in the agony of defeat photo above enjoys playing for theatre box candy, though. Twizzler Bites are a favorite.

About Julie Kosbab

Julie Kosbab is an online marketing consultant and active transportation advocate living in Anoka County, Minnesota. She was one of Minnesota's only League of American Bicyclists Certified Instructors when certified in 2005, and is no longer lonely in that calling. A past member of the National Bicycle Tour Directors Association, she has 2 children and a garage full of bicycles. Find her on Twitter as @betweenstations, or read her (seldom updated) blog at Ride Boldly!