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It’s been quite a week — first, one of our contributors appeared on KARE to talk about disappearing sidewalks. Yesterday, another contributor was cited in the StarTribune re: that Vikings pedestrian bridge and its $6 million price tag. Today? WCCO featured Nick Magrino’s perspective on that bridge. We’re proud to be providing a venue for […]

Continue Reading Featured on KARE 11 contributor Sean Hayford Oleary was featured on tonight’s KARE 11 news, discussing disappearing suburban crosswalks, as covered by Monte Castleman on site. Thanks to KARE for bringing this issue to a wider audience! is a non-profit and is volunteer run. We rely on your support to keep the servers running. If you value […]

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SWLRT Alternatives

SWLRT: A Retrospective Link Roundup

Have you heard the news today, oh boy? (Okay, yesterday.) The costs of the SWLRT are ballooning — up to $2B, in fact. By the math, that’s 333 Vikings pedestrian bridges, and change. Between ongoing legal and political battles from city, county and suburbs, to newly-identified soil contamination that’s worse than anticipated, to an improved […]

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