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Top Twin Cities Urbanist Halloween Costumes for 2018!

Halloween is still the best urbanist holiday.

Last year, we offered up five exciting Halloween costume ideas for Twin Cities urbanists who were ready to party. Perhaps yours won the costume contest or the admiration of your friends and neighbors? Perhaps you have made new friends this year and can reuse last year’s options.

But if you need new ideas, never fear! Your streets.mn frivolity poster is back with exciting ideas for 2018, with help from social media!

  1. These ideas from Alicia Valenti are 💯:

  2. Public Meeting
    Get two big pieces of posterboard. Create big headers. Then, cover them with post-it note comments. This is quick and easy, and will cost you ~$4 at a dollar store (where posterboard costs LESS than $1). Easy.
  3. Scooter Operator
    Borrow a kid’s Razor. Wrap it in lime green electrical tape at appropriate points (because the Limes are more recognizable than the black/white on Birds, okay). Wear a helmet (or not). Put a big QR code to scan on it. Scoot around the party saying “wheeeeeee” a lot. Easy.
  4. Parking Meter
    You know what this looks like. Start with a grey t-shirt, layer on some adhesive vinyl, make sure there is a place to accept the tributes, a quarter at a time, from admirers. Some of the internet ideas for “gumball machine costumes” might be adaptable.If you want to be more ironic, “sexy parking meter” is an option, of course.
  5. Bulldozer
    Michael claims they were joking. We aren’t. This is clearly amazing and we want pictures if any of you make this happen. Make it happen. Please.

Add any ideas you have in the comments below. And, again: PIX. SEND PIX to @streetsmn on Twitter, or contact us with pictures via other means (pony express, email, etc.).

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