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Chart of the Day: US Rail Transit Ridership per Mile

Here’s a chart from a new book called Trains, Buses, People: An Opinionated Atlas of US Transit. It shows ridership per mile for every US metro area. (TC Metro Transit is highlighted):

Ridership Per Mile Chart Tc

Third highest LRT ridership density is not bad. Thanks Green Line!

Here’s a fun bit from the author’s critique of the Dallas LRT system:

But that hasn’t translated into particularly effective service. “It skips a dense concentration of jobs in Uptown, barely serves the city’s biggest medical district… and misses Love Field’s airport terminal by half a mile,” Spieler writes in a section that calls out the best and worst transit cities, including “Most Useless Rail-Transit Lines.” Dallas gets slapped with the kinder “Missed Opportunity” label, as “it carries half as many people per mile as San Diego, Phoenix, or Houston.”

(Hm… a light rail line that “skips dense concentration in Uptown” rings a bell.)

At any rate, the book seems like a great holiday gift for the transit nerd in your family!

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