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Our two year old, known on the internet as Tiny Baby (she’s no longer either of those things, but she was), loves big trucks. She loves the dress she got for Christmas that features big trucks and has pockets. She loves buses and construction equipment. We’ve got books about all of those things.

Birthday Card

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The other day as I was reading her a book about a truck stop, which she also loves, and thought, gee, maybe I need to get her some books that are less internal combustion powered. I love that she loves these topics, and will continue to encourage her to be excited to ride trains and buses or go past a construction site, but let’s read about riding bikes too.

There are bikes in Counting on Community, by Innosanto Nagara (she also loves A is for Activist by the same author). Her pilot aunt got her Flugehafen Wimmelbuch from the Zurich Airport, which has someone on a bike on pretty much every page (she used to say that each of them was “Daddy”), but otherwise, our library is a bit short on bike representation.

What are you favorite books for young kids that feature bikes or biking?


[Editor’s Note: bleg = blog beg]

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