Author: Adam Miller

Adam Miller

Adam Miller

Adam Miller works downtown and lives in South Minneapolis. He's an avid user of the city's bike paths, sidewalks and skyways. He's not entirely certain he knows what the word "urbanist" means.

Bike lane on 1st Ave N blocked by snow

Free Idea: Plow Bicycle Boulevards

It’s winter. Biking is people-centered and cultivates delight. Therefore we need more posts about winter biking. The two posts linked in that last sentence were about winter biking gear. That’s a great and useful topic, but I want to talk about something else: space. To me, the biggest challenge to winter biking isn’t temperature or, […]

Department Of Community Planning And Economic Development

What About Traffic and Parking

I think we can all mainly agree that the things that, correctly, cause us the most concern in the world are traffic and parking. Sure, there are other things that are minor issues (little things like war and human suffering), but none really give rise to the same level of existential dread as having to […]

Birthday Card

Baby Biking Book Bleg

Our two year old, known on the internet as Tiny Baby (she’s no longer either of those things, but she was), loves big trucks. She loves the dress she got for Christmas that features big trucks and has pockets. She loves buses and construction equipment. We’ve got books about all of those things. The other day […]

Metro Transit 5 Bus

How to Drive Around Buses

I’ve had a little cold and it’s been rainy, so after spending the summer months blissfully bike commuting, I’ve spent this week as I do the coldest parts of winter, riding the bus. Doing so, as always, is a reminder: none of you know how to drive around buses. Yes. You. You’re doing it wrong. […]

D Line Final Station Plan

Don’t Take the Bus Away

Down in the southern part of the city of Minneapolis, a debate is raging about whether to significantly curtail transit service at an important commercial node at 48th and Chicago. That probably doesn’t sound familiar, because that’s not the way the discussion has been framed.  It is, nonetheless, what is really going on. But first, […]

It’s a Plan, Not a Code

“[S]mall-scale residential structures.” These are the words the draft Minneapolis 2040 comprehensive plan uses to describe the massing of buildings to be allowed in the Interior 1 category, most of which is currently zoned R1 or “single family.” Carol Becker knows this, because I’ve told her (also here). When asked last week at a Longfellow […]

Bring Back Streetcar Living

Minneapolis is a streetcar city. Maybe it’s hard to tell if you mostly experience it by using a freeway to get to downtown, but out on the city’s surface streets, it’s easy to see once you know what you’re looking at. The last streetcar rails were torn up (or just as likely, paved over) in […]

Not So Tall After All

You may have heard that Minneapolis has been working on a big project to overhaul its comprehensive plan. At least you’ve heard from some that those evil social engineers are trying to cram a one-size-fits-all plan to build tenements to replace every single family home and banish the sun from backyard gardens across the city (because someone […]

The Park Board is Failing Pedestrians

Almost two and a half years ago, I wrote this post about how the intersection of Cedar Avenue and Minnehaha Parkway is full of obstacles for people walking and rolling through in wheelchair, on a mobility device or on a bike. The first point of this new post is to point out that exactly nothing […]